Robert Breaud's Testimony


Dedicated To Helping Homosexuals Find Freedom Through Jesus Christ


"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:32


After the issue of abortion, the greatest sin Christians need to speak out against is homosexuality. I lived as a homosexual until 1994 when I repented and put my faith in Jesus Christ. It is my responsibility to tell others who are tempted by this sin they can be saved, live free from past guilt and shame, and move forward with their lives.

First, an individual must ackowledge the unnatural perversion of the created order which homosexuality is. There are many ways which homosexuality can be shown to be an abuse of normal sexual relations.

1) The fact that all of history shows one man and one woman coming together in a marriage relationship and producing life as in children. Homosexuality has been shown to produce disease and death. When one fights against nature, nature will fight back.

2) The individual's own troubled conscience attests to the inner struggle and longs to be set at peace. Homosexuality is not innate, but the knowledge of the sinfulness of the behavior surely is. Many do not want these desires as do many heterosexuals not want the desire to cheat on their spouses.

3) The most important source for an assessment of homosexuality is the Bible. Besides the verses that speak of the behavior as sinful, the individual must decide who is worthy of their loving obedience. If the greater desire is to please God and deny themselves, then one will choose not to engage in fulfilling the lust of the flesh in an unholy way. True love is obedient to God, relying on His Spirit for power to help resist temptation.

4) The anatomy of the human body is designed for certain functions; basic biology confirms this. The end of the alimentary canal was not made for reproduction but for waste. Any honest evaluation apart from a desire to justify sin will show this as evident. 

This is very rudimentary beginning for this website. My e-mail is Further posts and improvements will be made. My hope is to help homosexuals turn from sin and realize their true purpose in God's created order.

Thank you and God bless.


Putting It Off

Many people think, "I'll start this project on such-and-such a day," and then never get around to completing anything. Why? Because it is always in the future that they intend to start something. Seems a simple enough explanation as to why nothing ever gets accomplished, eh?

As far as different personality types, i.e., the sanguine (the happy, upbeat, people-person), the melancholy (the moody one with high highs and low lows), the choleric ( the task-oriented type), and the phlegmatic (the laid back one), it is easy to see which would more likely set a goal and perform it.